post FanExpo STL updates

Greetings, friends and fans. 

To those I met at FanExpo STL: thank you for finding me in the weird invisible corner. XD Those who chatted with me helped refocus some of my upcoming directions, and that was a big help and very inspiring. In addition to expanding the ever-continual Transformers line-up between the three of us, I personally will be drawing fresh additions to some of my long-time favs in the near future (now that I realize other people besides myself still dig them)…this means more Mass Effect, Berserk, FF7, Guilty Gear and Gargoyles. Please stay tuned and check out the instagram for previews.

  •  Current status: online shop is open!
  • New: To join the handmade Soundwave sling bag family, Ravage, Buzzsaw and Ratbat are also now options.
  • Adding this week: classic Link hats, brand-new art pouches…plus more pages for all the other fandoms we cover other than TF.
  • (P.S. I just got the new big pin press a few weeks ago, and it’s great! Lots and lots of new pins coming in the near-future.)

I’ll be doing a few more shows this year, the next one being TF Expo in Kansas City.

~ Sniperdusk/iverillian

print-on-demand goodies

For those seeking items that we don’t typically have at conventions (such as t-shirts and prints) we also share our fanart on these PoD sites:

print-to-order fabric

Also now designing super-colorful ultra-unique surface patterns available via on-demand fabric of your choice for use in your own creative endeavors via Sniperdusk’s “iverillian” page on Spoonflower.

(Or if you don’t want to sew yourself, these patterns are also available on items via Sniperdusk’s personal redbubble page as well.)

process work